Mobile No: +44 7961 194 118
Mobile No: +44 7961 194 118
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About Us

Our Story

BENNIS SERVICES Ltd Cleaning services begun operating in December 30th 2003. It all started in 1998 I was on holiday, a voice came into me that it’s time to start your own business and stop creating wealth to other people. I said YES but the problem is I have not ran a business before or have capital and I don’t know the type of business to run. An idea came to me to start a laundry business but I have no idea where or what its required, washing your cloth at home is different from running commercial laundry.

I started doing research about a launderette, at this time I was driving a mini cab, I use to carry a local launderette lady home, I started going to that launderette regularly watching what people are doing and become close to the lady, asking her questions how to run the laundry and what was required.

I embarked in saving money, after two years of hard work of research, I was ready to launch my own business, I went to Electrolux in Luton to get the information needed. I met the sales manager who explained in details what is required and promised to help me, he told me I should get a site and lease it or buy it and report to him, there after he would help me to install the machines.

Finally I approached the local authority and was able to set a lease and approach Electrolux again and  had a shock when I realized that the sales manager that promised to install the washing machines and dryers has  gone.

New manager refused to help, at this time I had already secured a property from local authority, I had to start thinking of what to do, but to me there was no going back after researching for almost two years and paying rent of the empty property. I sold my ISA, approached my bank manager for a personal loan and little amount I saved was used to buy few machines and was able to find a company that installed the machines payment on installment basis.

Since the year 2003, 30th December the birth of BENNIS SERVICES Ltd  has gone from strength to strength and has created various brands of new services:


What does my little history tells you? A story , product, service and any achievement spring from an idea or vision. Indeed your vision can become something big, we only need to stay focus, persevere, persistence, discipline and our goal will be met.