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Attracting Success Using Visualisation

Successful people, regardless of the field and industry, are aware on how important it is to imagine their success and believe it before they will be able to achieve it. Visualisation is a powerful tool that can bring dramatic change to your life when utilised properly. It can be applied on various areas of our lives. Practicing this will help us be closer to the things that we want to attain on our life. However, positive thinking will not be sufficient.


Positive Thinking Will Not Be Enough on Visualisation


You are probably aware that having a positive focus will help you enjoy your life more. It will lead you to the life that you always imagined. However, positive thinking will not be enough when using visualisation. You need to transform these positive images into actions. We can always meditate and imagine the things that we want in life, but nothing will change if we choose not to be involved. Visualisation is not necessarily sitting and wishing that things may happen.


Ask those people who managed to overcome a tragic incident in their life, and you will understand those who choose to languish on the unfortunate event and those who choose to maintain a positive focus and conduct positive actions. To start with your visualisation after a tragic event, it is important to accept the changes in your life. After that, you need to believe that time will come that you will be able to recover your lost abilities. You should never let go of this powerful vision.


The Study That Proves the Power of Visualisation


According to the study that was conducted at Lerner Research Institute, Mental Practice can be as effective as physical practice and choosing to do both practice can lead to a revolutionary change. Based on the study, the patterns in the mind of a weight lifter have considerably changed when a weightlifter is lifting heavy equipment. The same change in the brain pattern was also detected if the weightlifter is just imagining the weight that he will lift.


In a separate study at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, participants were separated into groups that are imagining the exercises on their head and those that are actually doing the exercise. Those who choose the physical exercise showed a 30% increase on their muscle weight. However, those who are just imagining their exercises also has a 13.5% increase in their muscle. People who choose to mentally exercise were able to maintain their gain for the next 3 months.


Visualisation is a practice that is being conducted since the 1970s. Today, there are a lot of personalities that are using the visualisation technique like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Even Muhammad Ali claimed that he’s been doing mental practice in order to improve his performance in the boxing ring. When you are imagining a goal that you are hoping to achieve, it is relatively common to think about the obstacles; however, it should not be too big that will prevent you from pushing forward.

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