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Bennisservices offers  fast and efficient builders waste clearance in London. We can get rid of all your refurbishment or builders waste at your residential or commercial property. Our team is skilled and experienced to do removal of any type of construction waste in the quickest way possible.

If your property still looks like a construction site even if the builders have already completed their job, then contact us. We will be more than happy to provide waste removal in London. Our team will take away all the paint cans, plaster boards, and rubble. We make sure that your property will be waste free when we leave the premises. That way you will be able to appreciate the improvements that the builders have made. Whether it is a single room renovation or a newly constructed home, we guarantee that all the builders waste is gone.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to avoid fines from unlawful littering, then you should consider our builders waste clearance London service. When you contact us, we will schedule a site visit to assess the situation. Then we will give a quote that’s based on the amount of builders waste to be removed from the site. And because we have been doing this for years now, we know where to take the builders waste in East London.

Our teams are ready to clear your property no matter what day of the week. We are ready to deploy our team during the weekend or a weekday. And the best thing about it is that we don’t charge extra for weekend services. You can schedule the waste removal in London whenever it is convenient for you.

We provide builders waste clearance London services without breaking your bank. We strive to maintain the quality of our services, and that’s why we are committed to ensure that our customers are satisfied after the completion of the job.

We are fully insured and have all the necessary health and safety certificates. Our employees have been trained to do the job without damaging the property. We don’t want your newly refurbished or constructed home to be damaged during the clean-up process.

Forget skip hire. Waste removal in London is the best solution to your builders’ waste problems. There’s no need to fill the skip yourself. All you need to do is employ our services, and let us handle the waste problem efficiently and quickly. Aside from builders waste, we also handle furniture disposal, house clearance, and garage clearance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your waste problems. With us on the job, the site will be clear of rubble and other builders waste in no time.

Our price is competitive with no hidden figures, we are registered by environmental to carry waste, we make sure our rubbish is removed in a professional manner.

Building waste are heavy and the prices are based on weight, these prices quotation includes TRANSPORT, LABOUR AND DISPOSAL FEES

50KG(WEIGHT) 5MINS £60-£70.00
250KG(WEIGHT) 20MINS £110-£140.00
500KG(WEIGHT) 30MINS £165-£190.00
750KG(WEIGHT) 45MINS £210-£240.00
1000KG(WEIGHT) 60MINS £250-£300.00
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