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Do not wait for the perfect time to start a business

Trying to be perfect is one of the reasons ideas are lost, people want to read all the comedy books, practice all the dance moves before they can be able to start whatever they have in mind to do.

Start with, what you have in mind and make adjustment and changes as you go along, progress is made as you take actions. It is possible to take step by step actions and make progression.

When we are born our progression to adulthood was a step by step progress, we started by crawling, standing, walking, and finally running. We were not just born and immediately started running.

Come out of your comfort zone and the uncomfortable will become comfortable. Start learning the little stuff until you are able to read and write the big stuff

Remember a lot of people will never try because they are waiting for that perfect time, but remember you should not quit. You should tackle problems, step by step, small chunks.

Trying to resolve problems in one hit – Is not always successful.

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