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Four Steps to Overcoming Fear

How Did Fear Come About?

Many years ago our ancestors lived in an era where danger was always present. Wild animals or rival clans would attack them anytime; therefore, they had to find a faster and vigorous way to respond to threats. To date, our brains have not changed much, though we don’t need it to survive in the modern world.


What is Fear?


Fear is an anguishing emotion stimulated by imminent threat, pain or evil. It does not matter whether the danger is imaginary or real. It comes in many different forms including the fear of flying, commitments or the unknown. Fear is a very potent emotion and causes constant battles that may result to us acting out of anger, frustration, and desperation.

It also causes us not to move on in life especially if we bring to life the fears we think off. However fear also plays a significant role in our lives, since it helps us not to live recklessly.


Steps of Overcoming Fear

  • Acknowledge and Face it

First acknowledge your fear, whatever it may be. Your fears will always get the best of you by stimulating your insecurities and doubts. Therefore, you have to be courageous to admit that you are scared. Face it by trying to accomplish what you are afraid to do. Know that fear is the mother of all destructive thoughts in your mind; thus once you close that door, all those thoughts will be a thing of the past.


  • Start Working

After acknowledgment, you have to start preparing to conquer your fears. Face what frightens you head-on and without hesitation.

Some concerns you possess are from groundless and unrealistic thoughts or ideas. Thus learn about the sources of your anxiety. Remember always to be consistent, persistent and have a clear vision in what you do.

  • Expect Both Failure and Success

You cannot always be on the winning side; it is very okay and human to fail. Failing means you did something wrong, but it should not give you room to quit. Failure is an indication that you tried and you are a step closer to success. You should not always be scared of failure. It is like sugar in your tea or salt in your food. It makes success to taste and feel better.


  • Trust in Time

Fear will worsen if we ignore for a long time and can cause complications such as anxiety, insecurities, and self-doubt. Do not waste a long time waiting to overcome your fears. Let it be a day to day process that will also enable you to enjoy the present life. Try to forget the past and be positive about your future.


Final Word

Fear functions to keep us away from harm’s way but we do ourselves no favour by living in it. To stir our potential, we must overcome fear from our lives. Although is not a one day job and it will never happen magically, it takes time. Just remember always to encourage yourself and to be patient throughout the process.

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