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Our gardens tend to lend themselves to collecting all of the rubbish from household furnishings, automotive parts, used lawn furniture and quite simply, just about everything. The eyesore is just the beginning because there are health concerns, space issues and safety concerns to take into account.

When you look out your window into your garden, are you looking at a huge heap of rubbish and would like the collected old furniture and automotive accessories removed from it to give you back your precious outdoor space? If you answered yes to that question, then you most likely are in need of garden clearance in London now.

Clean It Up

If you want a nice outdoor garden again, but can’t see how you are going to take on a seemingly insurmountable task, then call a Bennis Services who provides garden clearance in London. They will dig in and get to work on cleaning up all the rubbish, rubble, and trash and remove it for you all for one low cost.

Collect and Dispose

Bennis Services that offer garden clearance in London will collect all branches, trees, shrubs, old lawn furniture, broken trellises, or whatever you need cleared out of your garden. All collection and clean up are included in the price, and they will haul it away for you and dispose of the rubbish as well which are included too.

Other Tasks

Bennis Services hire professional workers for your garden clearance in London, most will offer tree trimming, shrub shaping, and fence repair. If you have dilapidated buildings such as sheds and greenhouses, most will remove  them as well for no added cost to their estimate.

Some will offer lawn maintenance, power washing of decks and patios along with planting and weeding that is needed. Most gardens need regular maintenance to look beautiful and help from these professional crews who know how to make your garden look new again will help you improve the look and feel around your home and increase its value.

Why You May Need Garden Clearance in London

The job may simply be too large to tackle on your own, and you need professional guidance and assistance to make your garden look and feel wonderful again. You may have regulators or ordinances in which you are in direct violation of and need fast and efficient help with getting back into compliance.

If you are selling your home, a poorly managed and not maintained garden could make the cost of your sale suffer. If you are trying to sell your home, consider hiring the professionals to make your garden look beautiful again and increase your home’s value.

There are many benefits to hiring a qualified and professional crew to perform garden clearance in London, such as health and safety issues. If you have rubbish in your garden or need help with the upkeep and maintenance, then hiring one of the local efficient crews could be the answer to all of your garden woes.

Garden Waste
Garden Waste

Our price is competitive with no hidden figures, we are registered by environmental to carry waste, we make sure our rubbish is removed in a professional manner.

These prices are based on weight and volume

MININUM 10MINS 2 MEN 1 £50 – £65
1/2 15MINS 2 MEN 3 £75 – £110
S1/4 35MINS 2 MEN 6 £135 -£155
3/4 50MINS 2 MEN 9 £185 -£210
FULL VAN 60MINS 2 MEN 12 £228 -£250

Our contact details are: 02085250101 OR EMAIL us: admin@bennisservices.co.uk

These items we charge extra money in collection

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