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Pest Control London for Insects

Ask us to treat any of crawling insect problems. The crawling insects we treat are BED BUGS, FLEAS, COCKROACHES, ANTS, SPIDERS.

If you suspect your house is infested call us on 0208 525 0101 or  email us at admin@bennisservices.co.uk .

There are many insects that want to call your house their home. While one or two flies can be easily dealt with, flies and many other insects can quickly infest your whole house. Bed bugs and cockroaches are the most common insects that people have in their homes when they call Bennis  pest control London. However, there are many more insects that can quickly infest your home, and cause damage to your home, or your health. Insects in pest control London are divided into two main groups, which are crawling and flying insects.

Crawling insect infestations are much more common for our team to deal with. Many people call us after finding that there is the possibility of an infestation of this type of insect. Crawling insects include ants, fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, spiders, and silverfish. Since each of these insects is unique, our team uses specialised products and tools to remove and control these pests. This is very important to make sure that these pests do not come back in the future.

Flying insect infestations are not as common but can cause much more damage than many crawling infestations. Our team provides treatment for bees, wasps, flies, and moths. The treatment for flying insects is different from crawling insects and is more specialised to the type of infestation that you have.

The System That Bennis Pest Control London Team Uses For Insect Control

Our team uses a 3 step system to create a plan for the pest control. When you notice any sign of an insect infestation; you should call us as soon as you can. We will schedule a team to come to your home, and deal with your insect problem.

Our 3 step system is designed to ensure that your home stays pest free in the future. The system works as follows:

1. Inspection

When our technicians arrive at your house, they will take the time to assess your home and the infestation. This will mean that the first inspection will take some time because the whole house will be checked for signs of the infestation. Appliances and furniture may be moved to check for the pests. The only exception to this style of inspection is if there is only a single room treatment needed.

2. Implement

Once the technician has found the critical areas of your home, equipment, and tools are used to monitor the pests. There are many specialised tools that we use to ensure that the pests are dealt with. Before the technicians leave your home, you will be given a detailed report about what was found, and what was done.

3. Monitoring

After a short time, the technicians will return to your house. They will check the tools and equipment that they left there, and look for any new pest activity. You will also be provided with information about protecting your home from pests. During the guarantee period, our technicians will visit your home, to make sure that your pest problems are dealt with. During these visits, the technicians will inspect your home again. Our technicians always ensure that your house or office is free from insects.

Booking a session with Bennis pest control London team can keep your home and family protected from many types of pests. One of the worst types of pests that can make their way into our homes is insects. Unlike many of types of pests, insects are hard to find and even harder to remove from a house. This is why there are so many DIY options for getting rid of insects. The problem is that most of them do not work, and could make the problem worse.

The other reason why insects are on top of the list of pests you do not want in your house is that they cause serious damage to your home and your well-being. Depending on the insect, they could be carrying various types of diseases. There is also the chance that they are doing massive amounts of damage to your belongings or your house. Insects can quickly take over a house, because they breed quickly, and most avoid areas that have high amounts of traffic.

If you are worried about your home or have spotted any insect that could infest your home, you should give us a call as soon as you can. Insects work quickly and can infest a whole house in a matter of days. No matter if you are dealing with crawling insects like bed bugs or ants, or flying insects like flies and bees, our team can help you with your insect problems. We work quickly and safely to make sure your pest problems are quickly removed.

Costs for treatment of insects prices:
  • Cost per visit for pharaoh ants – £125.00 per a visit

It is advisable to treat pharaoh ants more than once because the first treatment usually kills the adult ants

  • Cost per visit for cockroaches - £130.00 per visit

Cockroaches crawl on decay rubbish and sewage and any germs with their eggs and walk on your food if left exposed, therefore it’s advisable you treat it more than a unit to eradicate them.

  • Cost per visit for bed bugs - £140.00 per visit

Bed bugs are nocturnal insect that lives in cracks, bedding and furniture’s.

They are not recognized to infect any disease but they feed on the blood of mammals mainly on human, dogs, rodent’s it will be advisable to treat more than one visit

  • Cost per visit for fleas - £130.00 per visit

They live on their host, if you a have pet, then it’s likely to have fleas, indeed fleas feed upon human begins and pets by biting them, why not call us to treat your flea infections.