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Opening up a new business is a good thing and keeping it running for a long time is another, why do I say this . People often open up a shop or big company thinking they are going to make a fortune by sitting in their asses doing nothing to promote it. Promotion is the main thing you can do to your business to earn a ton of money.



Two people of the same background Jerry and Tom went to University of Blackberry and they studied business administration and came out with BSC honors degree. Jerry and Tom opened up a electronics company together.

Most mornings Jerry would set out to distribute leaflets to promote the company, talking with company directors and managers of other businesses, strategically delegating groups to distribute the leaflets. Unlike Tom who sat in the office, drinking coffee and chatting to people on social media networks, most of the of time. Whilst Jerry was making seven figure amounts, Tom was complaining that business was slow and he was always bored.

What is the difference between Jerry and Tom’s attitude towards promoting the business – in this scenario ?

The difference is that Jerry was able to take action by creating awareness of the business, letting people know that he has a business and promoting it while Tom was wasting his time chatting, something that will not improve his business. The moral of the story is ‘If you have a business’, then ‘you’ have to promote it, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Promoting your business

When the internet promotion started people was saying that other ways of promoting business has come to an end. Leaflet distribution and door to door has been getting more popular and if it’s done properly it can be very successful. SOLUS leaflet and Mail shot distributions should be begin small in order to see the results before carrying out a large Mail shot.

SOLUS distribution is one ‘single’ campaign on its own.

Prices from £45.00 per 1000 leaflet

Minimum order of 7000 leaflet

Share planned and Mail shot distribution involves when other leaflets are included but that will not be a competing leaflet.

Prices from £25.00 per 1000 leaflet

Minimum order 5000 leaflet

Prices from £25.00 per 1000 leaflet Minimum order 5000 leaflet

Prices £98.00 per daily.

Leaflet distributions planned for outside a tube station or any other important location.

Prices £100.00 per person each day.

If you want the leaflet distribution performed;
On standing, At a tube station or important specified locations the costs are (£100.00 per person per day).

Leaflet Distribution