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Pest Control London for Rodents

Have you seen evidence of rat or mice in your house call BENNISSERVICE  on 02085250101 or email us at admin@bennisservices.co.ukUnless you have a pet mouse or rat, you most likely do not want to have rodents in your house. Squirrels are also a rodent that will break into our homes and cause a lot of damage to them. If you are worried that you have mice, rats, or squirrels in your home, you should book our Bennis service pest control London. In no time, your house will be rodent free. We can help you protect your house from new pests entering it.

Rodents are very smart and will take advantage of any weakness that they find in buildings to get inside. Rats and squirrels are known to chew their ways into homes, and some even pry up roofing to create holes that are large enough to enter a home. If this is not bad enough, all rodents like to chew on wires and damage the inside walls and furniture that is near their hole.

Most people only find out that they have rodents in their house when they find them. The problem is that most types of rodents prefer to live in areas that do not have high amounts of traffic. This includes basements, attics, and garages. As long as there is food, water, and warmth nearby, rodents will happily live anywhere.

The major problem with rodents is that they can breed a lot. A mouse can have 5 to 10 litters per year, which means you can have a lot of mice in your home and not know about them. Rodents carry their own diseases and can do a lot damage if they bite you. However, it’s not always the rodents that are the problem. Many times rodents are covered in fleas. Fleas can carry diseases and can bite you, your pets and your family. The fleas will also need to be removed by  Bennis service  pest control London because they can live on your pets.

If you are worried about rodents in your house, our pest control London team can quickly come to your house to find out if there are any pests in your house. Our team also takes emergency calls if you have found a rodent in your house.

The System That Bennis Pest Control London Team Uses For Rodent Control

Our Pest Control London team uses a three-step system, which is designed to ensure that your home is pest free in a short amount of time. If you find signs of a rodent infestation like gnawed marks, and droppings, you should call us immediately. Mice, squirrels, and rats are mammals, so they need specialised treatment. Our team of professionals understand the specifics to remove rodents from your home.

Our three-step system is made up of the following steps:


When our technicians arrive at your home, they will assess your whole house. Since rodents will chew their way into a home, the inside and the outside of the house are assessed to find the infestation and the spot where they are entering your home. The amount of time that the inspection takes will depend on the size of your house, and if you have already found where the rodents are entering it. Depending on the area that the rodents are in, furniture and appliances could be moved to allow for better access to that area.


Once our technicians have a good idea of the type of rodent that is in your house, and where they are located, they will start setting up equipment and tools to deal with them. The type of rodent that is in your house will affect the tools and equipment that is used. You will be given a detailed report about what the technicians found, and what has been done.


Our technicians will return to your house to check on the equipment that was left in your home and to check for new activity. At this time, they will provide you with information about what you can do protect your house from rodents in the future. Our technician may return a few times depending on how the tools are working.

While some types of rodents are cute and they make good pets, you most likely do not want to have them in your home. Our team works quickly to remove the pests from your house. Rodents can quickly take over your house. Rodents can also bring more pests into your home, namely fleas. They can also do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

If you think that there are rodents in your house, you should call us at pest control London. Our team will work quickly and safely to ensure that your pest problem is dealt with. Never try to deal with rodents yourself, because most DIY options do not work, and many rodents carry diseases. Always leave pest control to the experts.

Rats are extremely harmful and carry diseases. They can damage wood work and electrical wires in your house .they are harmful to human beings, for a quote give us a call 02085250101 or email us admin@bennisservices.co.uk. Our team of professionals will visit your property and access the infestation of Rats and Mice in your home and tell you about their findings, if you agree treatment will commence.

The cost for treatment of Mice clearance is £135.00 for 3 visit.

The cost for treatment of Rats clearance is £135.00 for 3 visit.