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Total Confidence

Total confidence is having a belief in your judgment and decision-making abilities. Being totally confident can help you to get your dream job or the love you deserve. It is a powerful arsenal, and you can always use it to your advantage to get what you want. If you haven’t built your confidence, there are many ways to improve it. All methods are superior, but some work better depending on how you apply them. Before taking that bold step foster positive thoughts and self-believe.


Characteristics of the New You


After taking steps to achieve total confidence, you stand to have abundant feelings of joy. You become poised when faced with a new challenge and enthusiastic about new prospects. As a confident person, you will have an excellent sense of achievement and people will respect you. In social situations, you will stand out and appear worthy, because you are sure and capable.


Ways to Build Total Confidence


  1. Remove Negativity


If you constantly doubt yourself, you have to evaluate your close friends and family members. Sometimes people you regularly spend time with may be the cause of your lack of confidence. If this is the case ensure to take a break from these people even if it is for a short while. It may help you to have a positive step towards achieving your confidence building goal.


  1. Body Language


Your body language is a valuable tool to reveal how confident you are. You can start this journey by hanging your smile, eye contact and posture. Having a smile will not only make people around you at ease but will also make you feel better. You can start with a simple step of smiling with your shoulder back to spark that confident look.


  1. Prepare in Advance


Whatever you face next such as a job interview, impromptu office meeting or a conference, make sure to learn everything about the subject. If you are prepared and knowledgeable, you will feel like you are capable of doing anything.


  1. Make a List


Whenever you feel lost, tired or want to throw in the towel sit down a make a list of everything you are grateful for in life. You can also write another list of things, you are proud of accomplishing, no matter how small.


After completing this exercise pin the two lists where you can easily spot them. It will always remind you of how great your life is. That is a powerful tool for improving total confidence when it is waning.


Importance of Total Confidence


There are numerous gains of total confidence that will make your life simpler and enjoyable. To start with, being confident at work is essential since it will help you to work efficiently while still enjoying your job.


It also affects how you communicate with your workmates and friends. Having total confidence at work enables you to be proactive, focused and assertive.  You will also be able to make choices that will benefit your social and family life.




It is important to note that having total confidence will make you a stronger and better person in whatever you do be it your work, family or social life.

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