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You are created with greatness

You are created with greatness, the mind is the greatest power that has been given to each and every one of us. You decide what want to be, the greatness you achieve depends on you not anyone else. What you decide to achieve is limitless and depend on effort and actions you put to it

We all have the abilities to choose what we want to be, greatness, to love to be happy or to be sad. The power is what is given to us. Our minds basically accepts the information we have fed it or totally rejects it based on its logic and common sense.

In your life you need to have hope, believe that you will be successful and keep on moving forward and continue with persistence. Sometimes we see people who has become great we start to envy them what they have achieved. We start to blame our teachers, our parents, the government and their regulations. But we forget that all those things we blamed, for us not achieving, the same obstacle was also there for the successful people that achieved it.

Sometimes people will give up at their first or second attempt. Believing that there is no hope, no jobs out there, very little prospect of change. On the other hand a lot of people are pursuing their dreams in self-employment and doing it successfully. Did they get lucky – No. The difference between you and them is that they persisted on until they achieved their breakthrough.

I want to tell you brief a story. Two men went to the same university and had the same degree and were looking for job. One gave up after two attempts chasing employment, believing that there is no job available. Whilst the other man went into voluntary work, without pay in order to gain experience. He was working more efficiently than his colleagues, even leaving later than everyone else. When an opportunity for a job arose he was given the job over colleagues that were there before him.

So his persistence of not giving up, to get the job that he wanted, even offering his services in the voluntary sector to gain experience.

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